Type: Commercial | Residential

Location: Pearns Point – Antigua

Name: Private Beach and Hillside Residences 

Handpicked by developer Orange Limited to help achieve their lifelong dream of developing a high-end eco-friendly retreat, Studio Piet Boon is responsible for the aesthetic design of Antigua’s best-kept secret: Pearns Point. A verdant 141-acre peninsula with seven pristine white-sand beaches and spectacular views across the Caribbean Sea. Pearns Point will be home to 68 luxury private beach and hillside villas, and a five-star hotel with state-of-the-art facilities. For this prestigious and upscale project, we have created a modularity design concept to optimally incorporate our client’s wishes and requirements. The layouts of the plots on Pearns Point ensure homeowners maximum privacy and provide a feeling of space and seclusion, be it on the beachfront or the hillside.

Go to https://pietboon.com/design-projects/private-beach-and-hillside-residences for more information.

Type: Residential

Location: Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Name: Aira Residence

Appointed by Malaysian real estate developer Selangor Properties Berhad, Studio Piet Boon was tasked with the interior design of 105 exclusive luxury designer condominiums in Kuala Lumpur: AIRA Residence. Where the very best from the West meets the refined elegance of the East.

105 exclusive condominiums with sizes ranging from 2,679 to 7,730 square feet.

Go to https://pietboon.com/design-projects/aira-residence for more information.


Type: Residential/Commercial

Location: New York – United States of America

Name: 101 Wallstreet NYC

Just steps from the East River waterfront esplanade, 101 Wall Street is a singularly elegant example of the many architectural gems that bring depth and texture to lower Manhattan’s intimately scaled streets. Our main focus for the interior design of 101 Wall Street in 2013 was to transform an architectural grand old lady, beautifully located in a rapidly developing area, into a luxury residential building for a sophisticated, design savvy audience. We embraced the beautiful view over the river and the generous amount of natural light and accommodated this in the design and layout, to enrich the total living experience as much as possible.

Go to https://pietboon.com/design-projects/101-wall-new-york for more information.